Club Events

Below are some of the fun club events held throughout the year.  Please check our Event Calendar for a full list of scheduled AFC events.

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1st Annual AFC Pickleball Tournament!

AFC is hosting its first Pickleball Tournament on Sunday, June 6th 

Event Contacts

Michael Wardian






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Jan Skelton






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Paul Cachion






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Richard Williams






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Event Calendar

Image by Frankie Lopez

1st Annual AFC Pickleball Tournament


AFC is hosting its first Annual Pickleball Tournament.  As more and more AFC members are playing the game, we figured it was time to have our first Club tournament.  The tournament will be held Sunday, June 6th, from 1 PM until the tournament is complete.

Tournament Details

The tournament will be a double-elimination bracket.  We’ll arrange players by skill level (the best we can), and there’ll be a men’s and women’s side of the bracket.  There will also be a children’s bracket (18 and under), in addition to the old folk’s brackets.   


Click here for a downloadable document with the tournament info. 

Tournament Signup

Please RSVP to Mike Wardian and Paul Cachion so we know how many players we have.


Float & Grill Nights

Float & Grill nights are scheduled every Saturday night between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend, weather permitting.

AFC provides the hot grill and cooking utensils.  You provide food and beverages for your party, and a dish to share with the other picnickers. A second grill is reserved for vegetable-only grilling.

  • Floats in pool from 5:00PM - 7:00PM

  • Open grill from 6:00PM - 8:00PM


Volunteer to be a Float & Grill Host!

  • Work with the lifeguards to get charcoal and AFC utensils from storage room

  • Start grill promptly at 5:30PM

  • Stay nearby to be sure the grill is used safely

  • Clean up grill area at 8:00PM

  • Clean and pack up AFC utensils

  • Clean the ashes out of the grill and cover it on Sunday

  • Organizers receive one guest pass (good for 3 guest visits) for completing all of these tasks!

Float & Grill Night Host Orientation

Club members who would like to host  Float and Grill nights should send an email to Dick Williams at to get started. New volunteers are always welcome!

Crab Feast


Mark your calendar now for the best party of the season!


The Crab Feast is held in the grassy area behind the pump house, held on a Sunday afternoon in July.  Check the Event Calendar for the final date.  


Steamed Crab

All-you-can eat succulent freshly steamed number one male crabs (for the uninitiated this is the top of the line in crab)


Fresh Chicken

Chicken for the non-crab eaters



Steamed corn on the cob


Pink Lemonade


Fresh pink lemonade


BYOB Beverages

If you desire another other sort of beverage, please bring it yourself


Crab Feast Fixins'

Everything you need to eat crabs including mallets, Old Bay, melted butter, vinegar, and lots of paper towels


Pooch Plunge


Each year we close out the pool season by closing down the pool to humans and opening it up to your dogs.

Rules of Participation

1.Absolutely no humans allowed in the water.


2.Each person must sign the Assumption of Risk and acknowledge the event Rules, before entering.


3.All dogs must have a current license and proof of rabies vaccination.


4.Be courteous to other guests and clean up your dog’s “accidents.”


5.Your dog may be released from their leash only upon entering the designated pool area.


6.Please do not trim your dog’s nails prior to attending the Dog Swim.


7.No children under the age of 16 are allowed without adult supervision.


8.Your dog must remain under your control at all times. If your dog is acting aggressively, you and your dog may be escorted from the event.


9.Please be sure your dog has been exposed to swimming. Some dogs swim well, some don’t. If not, he/she may become afraid or aggressive.


10.Please help your dog into and out of the pool.


11.Female dogs in season are not allowed.


12.No dogs with health conditions that may endanger themselves or others are allowed.

Pooch Plunge Release Form

Members, if you'd like your dog(s) to participate you will need to sign a release form acknowledging the risks, the rules and your responsibilities.

To speed up admittance, download and sign your own release form, available in the Club Docs section of our site, before you arrive.

Private Event Reservations


Members can make reservations for private events at the club.

Peak Season

(2nd Sat in June - Last Sun in July)

On Saturdays and Sundays during Peak season, a member household may bring up to 5 guests. Exceptions to allow more than 5 guests during peak season will not be granted except in rare and unusual circumstances.


Non-Peak Season

(August - First Sat June)

On weekdays and on Saturdays and Sundays during non-Peak season, a member household may bring up to 10 guests. Exceptions to allow more than 10 guests during non-peak season will require approval by the Special Events Chair and the Club President.  Large groups of 20 or more non-members will be considered only at the discretion of the Board.

Private Event Reservation Guidelines

1.Pavilion cannot be reserved on Saturdays and Sundays during peak season (mid-June through the last Sunday in July).


2.Pavilion use will have a 2-hour maximum time limit. The host will be allowed half an hour before the party to set up and half an hour after the party to clean up.


3.The large rectangular AFC grill is not available; the Weber grills are. BYOC (Bring your own charcoal).


4.Mid-week parties during the peak season (mid-June through the last Sunday in July) must end by 5:00 pm (clean-up inclusive).


5.Parties involving special activities other than swimming, eating, tennis and volleyball will need the permission of the special events coordinator.


6.There will be no glass containers, no helium balloons, no tie-dying, no pinatas, and no loud music during the party.

Private Event Reservation Form

Regardless of the number of guests, if a member wishes to reserve the pavilion for a private event, the private event form must be completed. Requests should be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event date.  Once event reservations are approved, the Special Events Chairs will notify the pool manager of the upcoming event. See the Event Calendar for Pavilion availability.