About AFC Tennis

AFC offers four courts for our tennis enthusiasts, as well as offer classes for juniors and private lessons for players of all age. AFC fields both juniors and men's teams that compete in the Northern Virginia Tennis League (NVTL).

AFC Tigers Tennis Teams

AFC fields Juniors and Adult teams that participate in the Northern Virginia Tennis League (NVTL).

Tennis Clinics

Tennis Clinics are offered for players of all ages, and provide sessions to improve your tennis skills and tennis fitness. 

Court Reservations

Court reservations are managed through our YourCourts portal.

Members will need to setup a YourCourts account in order to see court availability and make court reservations.  When prompted for name of tennis location, enter Arlington Forest Club. An administrator from the Club will confirm that your membership is valid.


Use our eSoft Portal to get a key to the tennis court for off-hours and off-season usage.  Complete the appropriate section of the on-line registration form and pay online (checks no longer accepted).

(If you no longer need your tennis key, please contact membership@arlingtonforestclub.org to return the key and obtain a refund).

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AFC Tennis Team

Juniors Tennis Team

The Arlington Forest Club fields both Girls and Boys Teams in the Junior Divisions of the NVTL.

Team participation is open to AFC-member children ages 6 through 18 - with play consisting of 2 singles and 1 doubles match in EACH of the following categories:

  • 10 and under

  • 12 and under

  • 14 and under

  • 18 and under


There is an annual $225 charge PER PLAYER for participating on the AFC juniors tennis teams. This charge helps to cover the cost of the team uniform, league fees, coach's and assistant's salaries, trophies, and refreshments.   Sign-ups are managed through the City Tennis Academy Portal.


All 10-and-under players and new players will be evaluated at the first practice. Players will demonstrate serves, backhand strokes, and forehand strokes. Based on this evaluation, players will be recommended for either the Tennis Team or the Tennis Clinics. (Tennis team fees will be reimbursed to families with ten and under players who are recommended for the tennis clinics.)


Junior Team Practice & Match Schedule

See our tennis calendar for the most up-to-date details.   For official match schedule, see the NTVL website.   Junior sign-ups managed through the City Tennis Academy Portal.


Adult Tennis Team

The Arlington Forest Club fields two teams in the Adult Divisions of the NVTL.

Arlington Forest Adult #1 Tennis Team

The AFC Adult #1 Team competes in the NVTL 8-A division, which consists of some very strong teams from the Northern Virginia area.

Arlington Forest Adult #2 Tennis Team

The AFC Adult #2 team plays in the NVTL 8-C league. Each week, two singles players and three doubles teams will compete.

Which Team Is Best for Me?

If you're an NTRP 4.5 player or above (or a strong 4.0 player), then the #1 team is your choice (NTRP = National Tennis Rating Program). If you're between a 3.5 and 4.0 player, then the #2 team is your best bet.

These are just recommended NTRP levels to let you know the level of competition to expect. They are not requirements to join either team. 

Cost to join the team is $25. This covers NVTL fees, tennis balls, a t-shirt, and refreshments.  Sign-ups are through eSoft.


Adult Team Match Schedule

See our tennis calendar for the most up-to-date details.   For official match schedule, see the NTVL website.


Tennis Calendar

Below is the schedule for AFC tennis team practices and matches.  


Tennis Fees

The member fee schedule for 2021 tennis clinics, teams and court access is as follows: 

Item Detail
Member Fee
Due Date
Court Access Key
For after hours/off season (paid in eSoft)
$ 20
Prior to Needing Access
Adult Tennis
Per season (paid in eSoft)
$ 25
Prior to Season Start
Juniors Tennis Team
Per season (paid @ City Tennis Academy)
$ 225
Prior to Season Start
Clinics, Cardio and Drills
Per session (paid @ City Tennis Academy)
See City Tennis Academy
Prior to Clinic Start